Birthdays are a time for celebration, whether it is a milestone birthday or not. 

It may be Sweet 16, turning 21, or entering your 30’s, 40’s and so on, those are the ones that are usually celebrated. 

But what about all those other notable years like the one after giving birth and being a mother for the first time?  Those of us who are mothers know how tough of a year that can be. 

What about the birthday after a divorce?  Picking up the pieces and finding a new normal is a year that should be celebrated.  What about the year of overcoming an illness?  Having the will to keep fighting and pushing forward deserves a celebration.  What about the year you dedicated yourself and sacrificed to achieve a monumental weight loss goal? That’s tremendous willpower, and that deserves celebrating.  A new promotion, graduating college and getting a degree, being brave enough to pick up and move to another state and make a fresh start, starting a new business, learning it’s ok to be about yourself after you have an empty nest…these are all examples of beautiful years of milestones that should be celebrated.  Celebrate you at any age.

Our birthday shoots are part of our Glam sessions.  These sessions are offered as a ‘mini’ or as a full stylized session.  Mini shoots start at $199 and usually include 1 to 3 pictures as well as hair and makeup.  Our full stylized sessions start at $225 for the session fee which includes the shoot itself and hair and makeup, which can be changed throughout the larger shoot to match corresponding outfits.  The product packages for these shoots start at $750.  

Most women are super insecure in front of the camera.  We help you every step of the way.  We begin with a consultation, where we go over the basics like cost, time, what to expect, what to wear, stylizing ideas, ect.  Next is the day you show up for your photoshoot.  First we go through what clothes/shoes/jewelry you brought and then you are pampered with professional hair and makeup.  Our stylists will go over style ideas with you and also discuss the level of makeup you are comfortable with.  Finally it’s time for the shoot.  You will be led upstairs to our private studio and get changed into your first outfit.  Most large shoots usually have about 5 to 6 outfit changes.  During the shoot we will help you with posing, as well as watch to make sure every little detail is perfect; like fingers straight, hair isn’t out of place, necklace isn’t turned, bra strap isn’t showing, etc.  Once the shoot is finished you will leave here looking fabulous, so make plans that evening to go to dinner or something because you will be way too cute to sit at home.  Lastly, you will come back in for your reveal.  This is the time you decide which pictures you want.  We just kind of stand back and give you a minute to take it all in.  We do not hard sell you. We know you will love your pictures.

Don’t let another year pass by without celebrating the amazing woman you were this year.  Birthdays are a beautiful thing and should be celebrated, just like you.