Glamour Photography… Who is it for?

When most people hear “Glamour Photography” they instantly go back to those photos from the late 80’s and early 90’s where tiny hats and large boas stole the show. We all know someone; our grandmother, mother or maybe even ourselves that had those photos done… heck some may still be proudly hung on the wall.

The idea was great! Who doesn’t love a photo of themselves all done up and looking their best? However we just didn’t realize how much those photos lended on trends that just didn’t stand the test of time.

SR Studio started as a boudoir photography studio seven years ago. We loved making women look and feel like the sexy women that we all are however, we quickly realized that most women weren’t entirely comfortable with stripping down into lingerie.

Women want to look and feel sexy, but braving a boudoir shoot is impossible for some.  Every woman deserves a chance to experience an elevated level of beauty.  Glamour shots are every bit as sexy as our boudoir shoots but oh so glamorous. They can be customized to fit exactly what your are looking for, it can be just you, you can add your significant other or you can add family.

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Glamour Photography
Glamour Photography
Glam Photography

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